Friday, 16 December 2011

Shopping in Nairobi

Village Market shopping mall

The Nakumatt is a large chain super store

Zucchini shop in Village Market

China Centre - the stores were in the 2nd floor and up to the 4th. Most store were small and vacant. The Chinese grocery on the 2nd floor was small (3x5 m) and carries very little varieties. The photo above was the entrance to the shopping areas, and it was like the backdoor in garage.

Flower - there are many flower stands on the roadside. The cost of two dozen long stem roses and baby breath was only KES 200. It was a big business for exporting flowers to Europe.

Furniture - there were many roadside many furniture manufacturers and outlets.

Furniture - the import furniture were very expensive. The simple computer chair was KES 23,500. The sofa with two seaters and one reclining chair was KES 299,900.

The butcher shop next to the City Market. The local customer wore suits to do shopping.

There were many small stores in the City Centre selling flowers, vegetables and souvenirs. More souvenirs were also for sale in two rows of shacks behind the centre.

There were many souvenir shops on the street.

Small stall on the street

Each window was the store front of a separate tiny store.

A peddler selling baskets

Barbeque corn stand was everywhere in the city.

A lonely peddler on the United Nation Avenue, an area exclusively for expensive houses.

If there were many peddlers on the road it means traffic bottle neck was ahead.

More photos can be seen by searching "lku99999, photo" in Google.

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