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Bird Watching in Nairobi

Bird Watching in Nairobi

I am now in Nairobi, and just start to take bird photo using a Canon Powershot SX40 with a 35X zoom lenses. I use the guidebook “Birds of Kenya” by Amedeo Buonajuti to help me with the identification of the birds. If location is not mention in the comments, the photo is taken in a house on Runda Drive, Nairobi.

African Mourning Dove

African Pied Wagtail - Sun bathing with its belly feathers all puffing out.  
Pin-tailed whydah in Kiambethu Tea Farm in Limuru. 
Baglafetch Weaver photo on United Nation Avenue– In the guidebook, the bird is bright yellow under, but this photo shows bright dark orange. Have I made a mistake in the identification?

Bronze Sunbird – It made short distance dash to catch insect in the air. 

Bronze Sunbird feeding
Variable Sunbird
Variable Sunbird in flight. I don't know the identity of the bird below. 
Cape Robin Chat
Common Bulbul - It has a simple identification of a yellow feathers on its vent. 
Hadada Ibis

House Sparrow
Olive Thrush – A very beautiful bird, and will act like a model to be photo 
Pied crow

Silvered-cheeked Hornbill – It showed mottled silvery tipped on the facial feather. The feather under the belly is completely black with a white band toward its tail, but under a special lighting condition or the stretching of the feather, the black feather under the belly will have a scale like appearance with the brightness and colour of an oyster shell
Speckled Mousebird - Like to fly in a flock and hanging up side down.  
Streak Seedeater
White browed sparrow weaver in the woods of UN compound. 
Female (left) and male grosbeak weaver in Kiambethu Tea Farm in Lmuru 

Black kite in UN compound

Male baglefecht weaver
Chestnut-crowned sparrow weaver
A blacksmith plover seen in Nairobi National Park

 A secretary bird seen in Nairobi National Park

A bird seen in Nairobi National Park

A weaver bird seen in Nairobi National Park 

White-back vulture seen in Nairobi National Park

A swallow seen in Nairobi National Park

An eagle seen in Nairobi National Park  

Male ostrich seen in Nairobi National Park 

Female ostric seen in Nairobi National Park 

Kori bustard seen in Nairobi National Park

Marabou stork seen in a small park between Mombasa Road and Langata Road
Red billed fireflinch seen on UN Avenue
A bushstrike grey headed seen in Mara Intrepids. Masai Mara 2012
Hartlaub's bustard. Masai Mara 2012
Chat Ruppell's robin seen in Mara Intrepids. Masai Mara 2012
Crown eagle in Masai Mara 2012
Egyptian geese in the tributary of Talek River. Masai Mara 2012
Fish eagle in Mara River. Masai Mara 2012
Grey crown crane in Masai Mara 2012
Helmeted guineafowl. Masai Mara 2012
Goliath heron in Mara River. Masai Mara 2012
Starling Ruppell's long-tailed seen in Mara Intrepids. Masai Mara 2012
Black and white mannikin in Kiambethu Tea Farm in Limuru



Speke's weaver seen on Runda Road


Sacred ibis seen in UN compound




More photos can be seen by searching "lku99999, photo" in Google.

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