Friday, 3 February 2012

Nairobi 2012, Africa Heritage House

We joined a group of parents from International School of Kenya to visit Africa Heritage House. It is the house of an American art collector Alan Donovan living in Nairobi. The house is located a little south of Mlolongo on the highway to Mombasa, and the location is right at the spot where the northern boundary of Nairobi National Park is at its closest to the highway. It has the unobstructed view of the park. An old photo showed that a large herd of wild animals was almost like in front of the house.

African Heritage House
The house was three stories and has the shape of a massive antique African chair. Its appearance also has some resemblance to the Great Mosque of Djenne in Mali. At the front is a large flat roofed porch, and its top is used as a terrace connected to the master bedroom located in the middle on the second floor. The main house is rectangular with a massive chimney at the middle. On the ground and the second floor, there are a large room in the middle and two smaller rooms on its wing. On the third floor is a large room opens to a large terrace which was the flat roof of the second floor. There is a small courtyard in the middle, and is surrounded by corridors. 

Its exterior is stucco with a colour of natural mud. The colour is light brown under the sun and becomes darker in the shade. The mangrove beams on the ceiling protrude the walls. At one corner of the property is the pool house where large group of guests are entertained. 

The house is filled with African furniture, house fixers, fabrics and art objects collected from across the continent.

More photos can be seen by searching "lku99999, photo" in Google.

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